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Wildlife Biology in Practice .: Vol 2, No 1 (2006)

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Original Papers

Mitochondrial DNA Variability in Populations of Alectoris rufa: A Single-Stranded Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) Approach.
M. Martínez-Fresno, E. Junco, P. Arana, N. Henriques-Gil
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2006.2.1

DNA Single Strand Conformation Polymorphisms (SSCP´s) Studies on Spanish Red-Legged Partridges
M. T. Tejedor, L. V. Monteagudo, M. V. Arruga
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2006.2.2

Application of RAPD Methodology to Preserve the Purity of Wild Red-Legged Partridges (Alectoris rufa, L.)
C. B. García, M. V. Arruga
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2006.2.3

Genetic Structure of the Wild Boar (Sus scrofa L.) Population in Portugal
E. Ferreira, L. Souto, A. M.V.M. Soares, C. Fonseca
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2006.2.4

The Helminth Community of the Red Fox, Vulpes Vulpes, In Dunas de Mira (Portugal) and its effect on host condition
C. Eira, J. Vingada, J. Torres, J. Miquel
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2006.2.5